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We are a community.
We are the PP Network.

The PP Network is based on the platform of the chat application ‘Telegram’. We have created 14 groups which
are all designed to help you develop your profile.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you using any automation to get fake followers?

No. We do not provide any FAKE followers or likes. We believe in organic growth. Our platform provides you an opportunity to connect with people in your niche. Our research tool helps you find high performing hashtags for your profile. We provide access to various lectures and tips which help you improve your brand. Every single person who follows you actively chooses to, because they genuinely enjoy your brand and the content you post.


What if I don’t have many followers to start?

You can start with a new page. We can help you build an optimised Instagram profile. You can access our PPN Beginner’s Guide which can help you set up an Instagram profile.


Does your service still work after Instagram’s recent algorithm changes?

Yes! Our services are fully operational even after Instagram’s latest updates. We continually adjust our tools so that we are 100% Instagram compliant. Our team constantly update themselves about recent changes in Instagram and try to impart the same knowledge with our customers.


Where is your company based?

We are based in London, UK. Our founders are from Bulgaria. We have clients from all across the globe.


How do you get me more followers?

We believe in organic growth. We will help you shape your brand and show how to create quality and relevant content for your page. This will lead to growth in your followers.


Do you need my password?

No, we do not need your IG password. You can access our tools and university to grow your IG pages on your own. None of our team members will ever ask you for your IG password.


Do you have customer support?

Of course! We cannot successfully grow clients’ accounts without communicating with clients. You can message @ppnetworkcentral on telegram for support.


Is there a chance Instagram will ban my account?

We are Instagram compliant and have never had a client’s account get shut down from our actions. We stay within Instagram’s rules and best practices, so you don’t have to worry.


What if I want to cancel?

You can cancel automatic payments via PayPal from your side anytime.


How fast will I see results?

We do not provide IG Growth directly. We provide with tools to improve your reach and hit higher impressions. Our research tool helps you choose the best and high performing hashtags. You will be given access to our lectures, tips and tutorials on topics like brand-building and content creation. If your efforts are consistent, then you will see results faster than you think.


Can I do a free trial?

Sorry, we do not provide any free trials.


I have issues with my PayPal while subscribing to your website.

You can message @ppnetworkcentral on Telegram or send us an email us on support@theppnetwork.co.uk