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As you all know, your CONTENT plays a very important role in determining your IG success. Today, let’s discuss a few hacks to make your feed appear more professional:

THE GRID – Plan your feed. Your individual photos do not stand alone.

DECIDE ON A THEME – The first thing you have to do is decide on a cohesive look or theme for your Instagram feed.

STICK TO YOUR NICHE – Select 3-5 topics related to your niche that you will post about and stick to it. You will not get any benefits if you are talking about Instagram marketing and football.

ORGANIZE YOUR POST – Search and write suitable captions and hashtags. Organize your post in advance.

VISUAL BRANDING – It is very important to please the eyes of your followers. Never forget that IG is a visual platform. Everything at your profile should be in sync – your logo, bio, story highlight covers and the feed. Instagram is a visual platform. Don’t forget that!

DRAFT YOUR FEED – You can research and find apps which help you check a preview of how your feed will appear. Thus you can organize your Instagram feed in a more attractive way.

Update your content strategy now and add aesthetic beauty to your feed. Stand out from the crowd and win Instagram game.