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How it all came to be!

How it all came to be?

Well, to help you “dive” into the environment in which we operate and understand better our blog, we thought that it would be good to tell you how our journey as entrepreneurs started

24th May 2016 (The Idea)

It was 3 years ago, during that summer of 2016, when Petar (my partner), while being drunk, told me that he knows how to become successful. To be more precise, he just told me “Man, I identified a good way of making money”. Initially, I was not very interested in what he was saying as I was drunk as well but eventually, I started listening to him speaking about some kind of an Instagram page that already had over 10k followers. My reaction was: “What?! 10k followers?” and out of nowhere the idea of me having such account just hit me. I was already following such inspirational pages and as I was enjoying their content thought that I would love to be the one who is sharing it as well. 

10th July 2016 (Instagram page)

A few months later, while enjoying my free time as a teenager, I opened Instagram and said to myself “let’s do it”. This was the moment I started running my page. As you could have guessed we were making many mistakes in the beginning – one of the biggest one being that we were using the follow/unfollow strategy to gain our first followers. It sounded very easy. You follow a certain amount of targeted Instagram users and they will follow you back as they will enjoy seeing your content. However, that was not the case. People were following us back, but they did not engage with our posts which led to me having built a page with over 20,000 followers and less than 150 average likes – dreadful. So, we got very into it, we started reading a lot about different growth strategies, we were experimenting, we were getting in touch with other people with more experience and we started seeing results. After 4-5 months since starting my page, after all the struggle, my page exploded and started growing organically – it was like Christmas to me.

15th August 2017 (The BIG idea?)

Over time, we started realising how many people were also struggling with Instagram and needed somebody to guide them. After a year of successfully building our brands on Instagram, we saw ourselves as this “somebody” who could help others. There was demand. We were able to provide the supply and we started considering doing it. So, on the 15th of August we sat down and wrote a very basic plan for a business which consisted of connecting all of these struggling Instagrammers and providing them with the knowledge and tools to succeed. Afterwards, we had several 5-6 hours meetings during which we were going through each point until we reached the FINAL structure of the idea. It was a very tiring process and we were physically worn out after every meeting but mentally we were very fresh since we believed in the idea. At the same time, we had to deal with many tasks related to our return to university which was adding more pressure to the whole situation. However, our discipline helped us to come up with a clear plan for execution just before I left for Manchester and Petar for London. 

1st November 2017 (It was time to play)

We planned to start messaging people who might be interested in our idea and by doing so to have at least 60 accounts by the end of November. Thinking about it now, it was a very courageous move, wasn’t it? It was tough for sure. Another setback straight after starting the execution. We realised that it is not that easy to be pitching the idea to people and spark their interest in being part of it. We had to push harder, and we did it by working together and helping each other when needed. As a result, by the end of the month, we achieved our target and we had over 60 potential customers. It was time to play. We had a few sleepless nights to set up everything – different groups, logos for them, first lessons, how were we going to introduce new members, overall structure – everything. And then… voalá.

Our first logo ?

We started the 3 weeks of free trial for our service. It was extremely chaotic. Organisation-wise we had no idea of what is going on as it turned out that our potential customers had different expectations. We were actively communicating with them in order to see what was missing and we started improving the service from day 1.

21st December 2017

So, the 3 weeks passed, we have made many changes during them and the time to start asking customers if they want to pay for the service came. Decisive moment and a very stressful one. We were very inexperienced in terms of how to handle such situations and it was like the end of the world for us if nobody was going to subscribe to the real service – it was going to be the end of our big plans. HOWEVER, on the 21st December, we had our FIRST real customer, followed by 12 more clients in the next couple of days who trusted us. This was the REAL start of our journey full of many challenges, lessons and exciting moments which we will talk about in our next vlogs.

Quick spoiler, 2 months after starting PP Network, we had a talk with 2 of the most important members of Gary Vee’s team – Justin Novelo and Andy Krainak.

Petar and I during our conversation with Justin Novello and Andry Krainak ?

Andy Krainak with Gary Vee ?

Justin Novello with Gary Vee ?

Stay tuned for more.