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What is the Co-Founders Blog?


Hey there, welcome to the Co-founders’ blog!

Let us tell you a bit more about what should you expect from it… 

Who are the people behind the blog?

We are the co-founders of a digital media start-up. This experience played a vital role in our lives by helping us grow both professionally and as individuals and even though we are in our early 20s, we came up with the idea to start sharing with you what we have learned so far. We are young and driven and want to be able to say at some point of our lives “we made it!”. 

What will this blog be about?

We will talk about everything we have learned from starting a business from scratch with 0 capital and running it for over 2 years now. Topics will be very diverse and will be similar to “How to make better decisions?” or “Is it time to hire another person on board?”.

Also, we will cover more personal points related to time-management, focus, emotional intelligence, etc. because running a business does actually help you to improve yourself on a daily basis.

Last but not least, the plan is to speak about anything that interests us and might interest you. So, discussions about books, podcasts, business leaders and whatever comes to our mind will not be a rare occasion.

Who is it good for?

Any person who is interested in entrepreneurship or/and is focused on self-improvement.

How often do we plan to share cool stuff with you?

Every week we plan to publish 1 blog. Sometimes we might surprise you with special and unexpected editions.